Passion that performs. Craftsmanship that shines

Proposal-based sales style

The Maruyama sales team is renowned for its light footwork. We believe it is because we listen directly and thoroughly to our customers and quickly respond to their needs. To satisfy your needs, we provide support from planning and testing to verification and satisfaction.


Technology and imagination make the difference

Realizing your original ideas and designs. We aim to produce a sample, which exceeds your expectations. Our development team makes your fresh ideas into a product not only with technology but also imagination.



Our production provides higher satisfaction

We are devoted not only to fulfilling our customers’ needs, but also in absolute quality and on-time delivery. Maruyama responds to customer demands through close communications between sales team, development team and clients.



Promise and trust.
A partnership with customers and their clients

To maintain absolute quality, we believe it is important to have close communications with our customers and their clients. For the production of snaps that meet and even exceed our customers’ needs, we take pride in our client communication process.



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