Maruyama Metal participated in the TOKYO BAG EXPO Autumn

Jan. 6, 2015

For 3 days starting Oct. 20, The 3rd TOKYO BAG EXPO Autumn was held at the Tokyo Big Site where Maruyama Metal was an exhibitor.
It has been 2 years since our direct sales operation has been set up and this was the second opportunity as exhibitor following the 2nd TOKYO BAG EXPO Spring earlier this year. The purpose in being an exhibitor is to have many bag designers and buyers experience our distinctive and absolute quality in snap fasteners.
We had many visitors visit our uniquely designed booth displaying bag parts and snap fasteners. We were also able to speak to other exhibitors in the EXPO and bring our attention to many needs and problems and absorb requests for snap fasteners. We are most grateful to the many encounters we shared with the visitors and exhibitors. We are committed to meet the challenges of our infinite potential through imaginative and exciting new products and hope for the continued patronage to Maruyama Metal.


Here are some images of the booth that was set up. Anticipating the line of flow of the visitors, all panels were displayed so that they can easily be seen. The booth was very well received throughout the exhibition which brought a great sense of achievement to the staff members.


The exhibited items featured our product of confidence, the “doesn’t come off snap fastener.” “Doesn’t come off snap fastener” is an extremely unique item and many visitors were intrigued.


Our original sign board which read, “Snap-Fastener Shop Since 1909” caught attention of many visitors passing by. The booth inside was not very spacious and depending on the time, the number of visitors could not allow us to give a thorough answer to questions which we deeply regret. We are open for inquiries any time so please feel free to call or contact us through the Homepage inquiry form.


We express our deep appreciation for visiting our booth. We will be exhibiting again in the TOKYO BAG EXPO Spring to be held April 1 to 3, 2015. We are welcoming all requests for the exhibition. Thank you for your continued patronage to Maruyama snap fasteners.